Why Surge Protect?

Whole-house surge protection allows only the electricity your home needs and stops any unruly over-voltages from entering your utility, protecting your devices and appliances from surges that may occur inside your home.

THE POWERHOUSE SP installed in new construction or retro fitted into an existing home can be modified to individual power needs providing PEACE OF MIND!


Surge Protect:

  • 1 . UL approved
  • 2 . Balances voltage across all phases
  • 3 . Easy, quick installation
  • 4 . 5 year limited warranty*
  • 5 . Increased equipment lifespan
  • 6 . Decreased maintenance costs
  • 7 . Whole House Surge Protection


Innovative Energy Solutions & Services, Inc. developed the POWERHOUSE SP through years of research and development with a proven track record of whole house surge protection and increased equipment life. It boosts, balances and stabilizes voltage across all phases. By boosting, stabilizing and balancing power, the equipment operates at peak design with decreased strain.