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We are please to introduce The POWERHOUSE, a revolutionary new energy savings system that can be custom designed to fit the power needs of businesses, homeowners and industry. The POWERHOUSE will:

savings on electric bills

Voltage is stabilized, reducing peak demand. Energy previously lost to ground is captured and recycled back through the system, reducing energy costs.

Increased equipment life

Motors and components are now able to operate at optimum efficiency with reduced heat and without the common voltage spikes or drops.

Reduced maintenance costs

Costs associated with replacement of motors, compressors and ballasts are reduced as well as man hours
and downtime.

Start Your energy savings now!

The POWERHOUSE energy saving/power conditioning system is at the forefront of energy conservation products. Created over years of research and development, The POWERHOUSE has a proven record of energy savings and increased equipment efficiency.

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How It Works

All electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power, and the power we actually use is defined as Real Power. Even though you pay for it, a portion of the power entering your electrical system is lost to ground and never consumed. This is referred to as Reactive Power. The ultimate goal is to bring these two factors, Apparent Power and Real Power, closer together. The POWERHOUSE is able to accomplish this by capturing this lost voltage, store it and feed it back into your electrical system.

In order to accomplish this, The POWERHOUSE adds capacitance via a series of capacitors. This enables the unit to capture the Reactive Power, commonly lost to ground, store it, and put it back into the system, evenly across all phases, as it is needed.

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